1. personNameNiklas Karoly
  2. location_onLocationSchorndorf, Germany
  3. codeFav. StackRuby, Go, Postgres, Redis
  4. computerFav. OSServer: Ubuntu | Desktop: macOS
Niklas Karoly, Schorndorf

I love thinking about ideas that will have a real impact on industries that are often overlooked by larger tech companies. Transforming those ideas into a great business from a technical standpoint is a challenge I love to deal with on a daily basis. I am specialized in crafting B2B SaaS solutions that are reliable, secure and easy to use. I enjoy writing software in Ruby and toying with new technology, but my focus is always on technology that is proven, reliable and the right tool for the job.

I am always curious about how things work from the inside, this is why, besides writing software, I am very interested in Infrastructure in general. I operate AS41546 and I am a RIPE LIR as well, which helps me to understand networking and how the current Internet functions. While cloud adoption is a real thing, and I am actually a cloud advocate, I still understand when it's better to colocate own equipment, use bare metal servers or go all-in on cloud infrastructure.

The experience I gain througout the years is nothing I want to keep for myself, this is why I am sharing it in my blog posts.

You can contact me via email: niklas [at] karoly [dot] io.